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Ten years ago, I wanted to take my son to the beach on a hot summer day.
At that time, I had nothing pleasant and comfortable to set myself up to bathe in order to enjoy with ease this beautiful day with him.
I then put on and layered leggings, a bodysuit, a beach skirt and then my hijab!
It was neither ideal, nor elegant, nor light and I did not feel in harmony with my body and my belief in this simple outing between mother and son by this blazing sun...
I then thought of these many Muslim women, who, like me on this day, had to fight and deal with their wardrobes by doing "the best" with what they had on hand. It was then that I decided to work for these modest, Muslim women by offering them the best practicality and elegance possible, these Muslim women who masturbata who deserve to feel light and confident, in all circumstances and occasions.

My approach is one of love and benevolence.

Today, I propose to find the harmony and balance you are looking for through clothing ranges, tailor-made, high-end, respecting your needs as a Muslim woman wearing the hijab and your desires.
Respect, femininity and freedom are the watchwords of my collections, created only for you.

With his experience, my team is made up of professionals, all endowed with an unparalleled understanding of expectations. As a stylist and Muslim woman, I refine my prototypes to excellence so that you Muslim women can feel free and faithful to our religion.

Exclusive pieces, exceptional quality for all our creations.

I am committed to offering you unique concepts, items of excellent quality, truly incomparable to other brands, because we know that you love and deserve wonderful fabrics.
Thus, I take real care to your clothes, unlike commercial factories that sell products that do not respect the Muslim woman that we are.
My burkinis, my hijabs, my unique hijab bodysuits/braces in the Muslim fashion market, my modern long dresses as well as wide pants, fashion suits and of course hijab scarves are a credit to the Muslim community that we Islam is the religion we love.

Discover all my unique collections for Muslim women.

On the Zaynab Stylist online store, you will find modern clothes for Muslim women, adapted to your morphology since I make to order and bespoke.
From now on, discover the unparalleled opportunity to gain self-confidence and regain faith in your femininity.

Delivery available from €80 online

Wherever you are in metropolitan France, I deliver and offer delivery as early as 80 euros of purchase so that none of you are deprived of quality and my unique collections.
Need advice? Would you like to ask me a question? Contact me via our contact form, I would bring you the desired satisfaction as soon as possible.

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